Giselle: Miami’s Seductively Snazzy Supperclub in the Sky

Giselle Rooftop Miami

Miami’s E11even ultraclub has a new addition to its already bustling nightlife scene – Giselle, an Asian/Med/French fusion rooftop restaurant that’s been causing quite a stir. With its private elevator access and edgy-chic interior design by Tristan Du Plessis, Giselle is a hotspot for the city’s cool kids. The Menu: Chef Gustavo Zuluaga’s Culinary Delights […]

5 Stunning Hotel Bars to Visit in South Florida

South Florida is renowned for its stunning beaches, tropical weather, and lively nightlife. If you’re seeking a social experience, hotel bars are the perfect places to be. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to five must-visit bars that offer a range of experiences, from chic rooftop terraces to classic cocktail lounges. Bleau Bar at Fontainebleau […]

Level 6 Rooftop Restaurant Brings a Taste of Barcelona to Miami’s Coconut Grove

Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood is getting a taste of Barcelona with the opening of a new rooftop restaurant, Level 6. As its name suggests, the restaurant is located on the 6th floor, offering guests stunning views of Miami and the beautiful Biscayne Bay. With its stylish design, delicious food, and breathtaking views, Level 6 is […]