50 Cent Crowned at Miami Beach’s Elite Venue, SOPRA

50 Cent at Sopra, Miami Beach

Miami Beach, with its sparkling allure, is a hotspot for nightlife. Last weekend, it hosted an event that left everyone talking. SOPRA, an esteemed members’ club sitting on Forte dei Marmi restaurant, rolled out the red carpet for 50 Cent. SOPRA: The Jewel of Miami Beach When you step into SOPRA, it’s evident why celebrities […]

Luxury Arrives at Miami Beach with Sopra Members Club

Miami Beach is known for its exclusive clubs and dining destinations, and in December 2022, a new members-only club made its debut. Sopra, located on the upper floor of Forte de Marmi, offers its members a luxurious and sophisticated experience in Miami Beach. The club was created by Andrea Reitano, who is passionate about creating […]